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Liftoff for the #GorillaLuxuryTribe NFT MINT is here and NOW! This is your golden ticket to secure an exclusive piece from our coveted Genesis Collection. 🦍✨ Public sale goes live with an unbeatable introductory price of just 0.1 ETH. Grab this opportunity to own a piece of the digital art revolution. Don't let it slip away! 🚀

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Our team is professional level to keep the project with direction and future 👌

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Enrique Athie

Founder & CEO

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Beatriz Barreal

Co-Founder & CGO

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Sanjeewa Bandara

Co-Founder & 3D Artist

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Rafael Fuentes

Co-Founder & Head developer

JTTribe Mint platform is a DAPP to mint your JTTribe gorilla NFTs to receive your benefits as a traveler or digital nomad 🏞.
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